Linda portraitLinda turned to quilting and fabric dyeing as her creative outlet 19 years ago.  Since then she has transitioned from traditional pieced quilts to multi-technique art quilts incorporating dye painting, stenciling, stamping, screen printing, botanical printing and/or other techniques that will achieve the end result she seeks. She has studied with Jane Dunnewold, Hollis Chatelain, Lisa Gray/Jason Pollen, Lara Swartz Smith and several others who also like to apply color to cloth. However, unlike most of her teachers she has received no formal art training.

Linda loves the challenge of changing a piece of plain white fabric to one of depth and intrigue through the use of various dye, discharge, eco-printing, rusting or other surface design techniques. It is that challenge that drives her experimentation. As a result her work could be called process driven, though the interaction of color is what she strives for the viewer to appreciate. 

dying fabric

Linda screen prints with Procion MX dyes, adding more dye or fabric paints  by various methods (stamping, stenciling, hand-painting, etc.) to achieve the illusion of depth. Eco-printing is a natural printing process using the actual plant, heat and some acids to produce a print on fabrics. Rusting on fabric is also one of her choices for putting color on fabric.  All works are machine quilted.

Her work has received awards at International Quilt Festival - Houston, Road to California, Pacific International Quilt Festival and has twice received the Best of Show award at her local guild show. 


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